God Lets Everyone In

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No, God Does Not Let Everyone into Heaven.

No, God doesn’t let everyone into Heaven. Only those people who accept Christ Jesus as their savior are allowed into Heaven. “Wait!” you say and then ask; “Why can’t God just let everyone go into His Kingdom even if they do or don’t take Christ Jesus as their savior?” You go on and ask, “Why can’t God just overlook that part because He is all powerful and can do anything?” There are three reasons God cannot just let everyone into Heaven; one is that God always keeps His word; the second is that He allows us to freely make our own choices and the third is that all of the choices we make have consequences.

We (you and I) have all sinned against God (Romans 3:9). God said that the wages (consequences) of “sin” is death. God also said that the free gift He has for us is eternal life if we place our faith into Christ Jesus as our Lord and savior (Romans 6:23). When God says something, He means it! Neither you nor I are perfect and thus can never on our own pay our debt to God. God takes our sin seriously and we should too!

God said that our prevailing sin has to be paid. God through His grace paid our debt via Christ Jesus and gives us a choice to make. The following two choices, both we can freely choose have consequences. Not making a choice is making the default choice, Choice 2.

Choice 1: Honestly accept Christ Jesus as our savior as payment of the debt that you and I owe to God for the sins we do.

Choice 2: Not accept Christ Jesus as our savior as payment of the debt that you and I owe to God for the sins we do.

If God were to allow people into Heaven who did not honestly accept Christ Jesus as their savior and Lord, God would be breaking His word and saying that it is okay to commit sin. But as you know, God does not break His word, does not allow sin in Heaven and has said that the wages (punishment) of sin is death. All good parents know that rules need to be consistent and punishment needs set appropriately per each rule and consistently applied to everyone. God is our ultimate Father and has given to us in the Holy Bible consistent commandments (rules) to follow and the cost to us if we break them.

God loves each of us and through His grace gives to us free choice so that we can freely accept or not that God pays our debt through Christ Jesus and our acceptance of Jesus into our life brings us hope. or not (Romans 5:1-5).

You see, you are either a slave to sin, which leads to death, or someone obedient to God, which leads to righteousness. But thank God that you and I do not have to be a slave to sin. You and I can be set free from sin and choose to follow the righteousness of Christ Jesus. (Romans 6:16-18)

True, being a slave to sin, you and I are free from the control of righteousness but what lasting benefit do we reap from that? Those things result in death because the wages of sin is death! Accepting Christ Jesus as our savior sets you free from sin and leads to holiness and an eternal life in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:20-23).

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