Core Values – Finding Truth Today

Our core values are based on God’s Holy Word

Hover over Romans 1:20-22 for proof of God’s existence, and over Matthew 5:27-28 for Judgment Day’s perfect standard. Then hover over John 3:16-18 for what God did, and over Acts 17:30-31 for what you need to do.

Our Core Values

  • Evangelism – Informing people about and providing resources to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Small Groups – Creating interests for people to be welcomed, feel safe, and become established in the Christian community and that they join a small group Bible Study to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Church Planting – For the expansion of God’s kingdom around the world through new church establishments based on God’s Holy Word.
  • Community Ministry – Meeting community needs, both physically and spiritually through individual giving and as a Church providing guidance and love based on God’s Holy Word.
  • Relevant Worship – Entering into God’s presence through celebration and reflection giving to Him the love, honor and glory He merits from us.
  • Individual Maturity – Growing in our relationship with Christ through confession of sin, Bible study, prayer, and discipleship; taking personal responsibility for our conduct, being honest, loving and kind.
  • Lay Ministry – Faithfully serving the Lord with our talents, gifts, and treasures we have been blessed with by His freely giving them to us.
  • Family Emphasis – Providing inspiration designed to focus on individuals within a family as well as the family as a whole for them to accept God’s free gift of Love to us, Jesus.
  • Prayer – Daily seeking God’s presence in our lives by exercising spiritual discipline through an intimate personal relationship with God.