Can Atheists Account for the Laws of Nature?

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Atheists cannot account for the laws of nature (even though atheists agree that they must exist), for such laws are inconsistent with the atheist’s naturalism. Yet the laws of nature are perfectly consistent with the Bible. We who believe in God’s Word expect the universe to be organized in a logical, orderly fashion and to obey uniform laws because the universe was created by the power of God.

Johannes Kepler discovered (not invented) that the planets in our solar system obey three laws of nature; laws of planetary motion are not fundamental. Rather, they are the logical derivation of other laws of nature.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered (not invented) that Kepler’s laws could be derived mathematically from certain laws of physics; specifically, the laws of gravity and motion which Newton himself formulated. It is amazing that every object in the universe consistently obeys these rules!

There are many laws of physics that cannot be derived from other laws of physics; many of these are suspected to be derivative principles, but scientists have not yet deduced their derivation. And some laws of physics may be truly fundamental (not based on other laws); they exist only because God wills them to exist. In fact, this must be the case for at least one law of physics (and perhaps several)—the most fundamental. Logically, this is because if the most fundamental law were based on some other law, it would not be the most fundamental law, now would it?

Unlike the laws of physics, the laws of mathematics are abstract; they are not “attached” to any specific part of the universe. It is possible to imagine a universe where the laws of physics are different, but it is difficult to imagine a (consistent) universe where the laws of mathematics are different.

The laws of mathematics are an example of a “transcendent truth.” They must be true regardless of what kind of universe God created. This may be because God’s nature is logical and mathematical; thus, any universe God chose to create would necessarily be mathematical in nature. You as an atheist cannot account for the laws of mathematics.

Now you as an atheist could say that mathematics is a human invention and if human history had been different, an entirely different form of math would have been constructed with alternate laws, theorems, axioms, etc. Yet such thinking is not consistent with what we observe. Are you as an atheist trying to make me believe that the universe did not obey mathematical laws before people discovered them? That the planets orbited differently before Kepler discovered that p2=a3? Clearly to everyone, mathematical laws are something that human beings have discovered, not invented.

Now everyone knows that all the laws of nature, from physics and chemistry to the law of biogenesis, depend on the laws of logic. Like mathematics, the laws of logic are transcendent truths. We cannot imagine that the laws of logic could be anything different from what they are. Take the law of non-contradiction for example. This law states that you cannot have both “A” and “not A” at the same time and in the same relationship (for example, God exists “A” and God doesn’t exist “not A”). Without the laws of logic, reasoning would be impossible. But from where do the laws of logic come?

You as an atheist cannot account for the laws of logic, even though you must accept that they exist in order to do any rational thinking. According to the Bible, God is logical. Indeed, the law of non-contradiction reflects God’s nature; God cannot lie (Numbers 23:19) or be tempted with evil (James 1:13) since these things contradict His perfect nature. Since we have been made in God’s image, we instinctively know the laws of logic. We are able to reason logically (though because of finite minds and sin we don’t always think entirely logically).

You as an atheist know that the laws of nature are uniform; they do not (arbitrarily) change, and that they apply throughout the whole universe. The laws of nature apply today and in the future just as they have applied in the past; which is one of the most basic assumptions in all of science. Without this assumption, science would be impossible. Now if the laws of nature suddenly and arbitrarily changed tomorrow, then past experimental results would tell us nothing about the future.

Do you know why is it that we can depend on the laws of nature to apply consistently throughout time? The secular atheist scientists cannot justify this important assumption they and you as an atheist make yet depend upon each moment of each day. Yet the Christian can because the Bible gives us the definitive answer. God is Lord over all creation and sustains the universe in a consistent and logical way. God does not change, and so He upholds the universe in a consistent, uniform way throughout time (Jeremiah 33:25).

So confess and repent of your sin and accept Christ Jesus as your Savior, He wants you to be with Him forever in Heaven. (John 3:16; Romans 5:8; Romans 10:9)

From an article by Dr. Jason Lisle on August 28, 2006; “God & Natural Law”



    • You are correct Lauren in your comment, “Decentralized” is how Atheists believe they account for the Laws of Nature. Each Atheist within their own God given mind choses to makeup their own individual account for the Laws of Nature while ignoring the Truth and thus making themselves out as a god in their own mind. Yet, the truth is that each Atheist rely on some deeper thinking Atheists such as Stephen Hawking (deceased Mar 14, 2018 at the age 76) and thus suppressing the fact that they too are really centralized in their Atheistic beliefs therefore taking their direction from their centralized Atheist gods evangelizing Atheism.

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