If there is the slightest possibility of God existing and that He has sent His only begotten Son Jesus to be your savior from your transgressions, wouldn’t it be wise to investigate it for yourself?
If you had evidence beyond doubt that God exists as described in the Holy Bible and that He loves you and wants you to be in Heaven with Him forever, would you want to be in Heaven with Him too?

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  1. @GospelToday

    hoverFrog, everyone has a worldview from which they view and understand the world. Your worldview has you see evidence in one way and my worldview may have me seeing the exact same evidence in another way.
    You stated in my blog that, “A religion doesn’t need any supernatural power to be a religion.” and you also stated that you agree to that fact when you said, “I agree.” You also gave an example of this with Buddhism; “Buddhism has no inherent supernatural assumption but it is undeniably a religion.” This I agree with you that a religion does not need any supernatural power to be a religion however I disagree with you that Buddhism has no inherent supernatural assumption.
    The Mahayana sutras which is a very broad genre of Buddhist scriptures hold that they are original teachings of the Buddha and has a supernatural aspect to it. Followers of Mahayana teachings hold that the teachings were given to, and preserved by, beings in other realms (either supernatural beings or Buddhas and Bodhisattvas on other planes of being). In general however, Buddhism is comparatively however has no inherent supernatural assumptions. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahayana_Sutras)
    Note that if I wrote that Atheism as you put it in your comment on my blog, “is mainly based on the myth of Darwinian Evolution” I did a poor sentence structure as this is not what the religion of Atheism is mainly based on. The religion of Atheism is mainly based on the presupposition that God does not exist and Darwinian Evolution is the myth held to that many atheists hold without evidence as “proof” to say that God does not exist.
    You make a common mistake that many atheists make in that you confuse religion with the existence of God. The two are mutually exclusive. God’s existence or not is not dependent upon any religion.
    I agree with you that Evolution is unrelated to the religion of Atheism. It is the myth of Darwinian Evolution that atheists hold to as evidence to say that Christian claims are incorrect. Evolution is something we observe over time and can validate and is fact. Darwinian Evolution however is merely myth which has never been observed nor validated and is a myth that the religion of Atheism uses as fact without evidence of it occurring. Atheists tend to not properly state the difference between evolution which is observable and Darwinian Evolution which has never been observed. This lack of distinction is used to falsely promote evidence of observable evolution as that of Darwinian Evolution when in fact the two are mutually exclusive.
    You stated on your blog, “Just for the record: atheism is a lack of belief in gods. That’s it.” That definition shows that you have a firm belief in something for which there is no proof (against God’s existence) and complete trust that you are correct to have a lack of belief in God. Your comment in my blog, “I have no faith in gods” along with the statement you made on your blog quoted above grouped with the way you believe and defend your position with such a strong conviction shows the faith you have in the religion of Atheism.
    The Atheism system of beliefs you hold to with such ardor and faith displays as a personal set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices that you have demonstrated in my blog, on your blog and others which proves you are following a religion; specifically, the religion of Atheism. The fact that you are defending Atheism so greatly and have taken such a scrupulously and conscientiously faithful stance in defense of Atheism shows that you are a religious follower of the religion of Atheism. In fact, the continuing way you defend the religion of Atheism is expressing great devotion and piety to it which shows that you are a devout follower of the religion of Atheism.
    The use of the words religion, religious, faith, and devout I have used all comes from proper us of and application for each of these words as they are defined on the http://www.merriam-webster.com website. Whether or not you agree or disagree with my application of these words is up to you. It all goes back to the worldview you have and the worldview I have that allows us to view the evidence at hand. A worldview is a set of beliefs that underline and shape all human thought and action. The question is not whether you have a worldview or not, but whether the worldview you are living by is a good one.

  2. hoverFrog

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve left a detailed response on my own blog.
    In short I’d just like to say that atheism is not a worldview that god (any god) does not exist. It may be easy to misinterpret the concept that “I don’t believe in gods” to “Gods do not exist” but it remains a misinterpretation. Is it a faith position? Sure, why not? I have no faith in gods, whether yours or Huitzilopochtli. It is not a faith position in no gods though. If the distinction is unclear then I can elaborate further.

    A religion doesn’t need any supernatural power to be a religion.

    I agree. Buddhism has no inherent supernatural assumption but it is undeniably a religion.

    Atheism is mainly based on the myth of Darwinian Evolution.

    I disagree. Atheists have existed since religion has existed. Evolution is unrelated to atheism although it does tend to put certain Christian claims in a negative light.

  3. @GospelToday

    Hoverfrog no, I’ve not missed any points. You are just as the article states denying that Atheism is a religion. Using dictionary definitions of worldview, religion, faith, belief, etc. all describe Atheism to a complete religion with a worldview of faith in the belief that God does not exist. A religion doesn’t need any supernatural power to be a religion. Atheism is mainly based on the myth of Darwinian Evolution.

  4. hoverfrog

    Sorry but you seem to have missed the point of both religion and of atheism.
    Religion is a belief in and worship of a supernatural power. You choose to call this God or Jesus but other religious people define it as Ganesha or as Allah or in another way. Atheism has no such supernatural power or associated mythology. A religion can also be viewed as a structure to a faith in a supreme being. Any atheist could tell you that atheism lacks any kind of structure. Organising atheists has even been described as being akin to herding cats. As free thinkers we make our own decisions and agree or disagree based on our own views and opinions rather than on a central core or set of tenets.
    Your bit of fiction does not make your assertion any more credible as I have tried to explain on my own blog and on friendlyatheist.com site. Atheism, very simply, is an absence of belief in gods. Any gods, not just the one or ones that you follow. It is not a denial of God but a lack of belief that your claim that your god exists is true.
    In conversational terms you make the assertion that “I believe that God exists”. The atheist position is “I do not believe that”. Unless I am mistaken a Christian does not claim knowledge that God exists and does not state categorically that “God exists”? To do so invited the simply response of “where is your evidence?” or “prove it?” Your claim therefore is one of belief just as the atheist claim is one of belief and not one of knowledge. The difference is that your belief is stating something positively while atheism is treating your claim sceptically.
    Conversationally I may say “There is no god” but what I mean is that I find no evidence for gods and do not believe in them and so dismiss any claims that there are gods until such time as compelling evidence or logic can be forthcoming. A bit of a mouthful, I think you’ll agree which is why more often see the shortened “I don’t believe in gods”.
    Should I labour the point or is the distinction clear? It is really a question of semantics but it colours how we go about discussing the topics of religion and atheism. If we can’t agree on the meanings of these two terms then we should go back a step and address what we mean by gods and belief.
    Do you agree?

  5. @GospelToday

    Katherine Russell
    Katherine, you are correct that those who do not accept God do so at their choice and do so through their choosing to ignore all the evidence there is of God’s existence by their choice to use their own understanding of creation thus they do indeed worship their own selves and ignore God. It is their God given free will to which they do their self-worship and it is their God given free will they use to not honestly seek to know the truth and their God given free will they choose to ignore all the facts. You are also correct in that we need to put on the armor of God as explained in Ephesians 6:10-20 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians%206:10-20&version=NIV
    As followers of Christ Jesus, it is up to us to provide a solid picture of a true walk with Christ Jesus for everyone to see and recognize as different than the walk of those who are caught up into the worldly walk of materialism. We are as followers of Christ Jesus called to love everyone including our foes who do not believe in God and His only begotten Son, Christ Jesus. Matthew 5:43-48 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%205:43-48&version=NIV
    The major thing we as true followers of Christ Jesus need to remember is that we are to love these people and respect the choice that they make even though we do not agree with their choice. As true followers of Christ Jesus we are commissioned to let everyone know the good news (Gospel) of Christ Jesus. We have to remember that we do not change anyone’s mind and we cannot change anyone’s mind. We can only be examples of how Christ Jesus was when He was first here and inform every person we encounter of the hope that they can gain through Christ Jesus. If these people do not want to hear any more from you about Christ Jesus, we are to respect their request. If however these people are distorting the good news of Christ Jesus, we are to inform them of their misunderstanding in a loving way. Matthew 24:4-14 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2024:4-14&version=NIV

  6. Katherine Russell

    Those of this persuasion, deny God and bow down at the altar of their own intellect. They are a god unto themselves. God gave us an intellect to choose Him not to rebel against Him, but as we see in the record of Lucifer, God’s very holiness demands justice. It is not our loving God’s will that any man be lost. Every individual is free to make their own choice. God made a Way for justice to be served without the sinner taking the hit…Jesus Christ, His Son. If we, as individuals choose to deny Jesus, then it is we ourselves, who have declared the judgement upon our souls. Not God! We choose to endure hell rather than be reconciled to God through His Son, Jesus. To each his own choice. This is the reality of the atheist’s declaration that these is no God. Does God love them? Without question! It’s up to them. We, as Christians, who have chosen to believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God must stand in the gap for a world filled with confusion and stand in the gap for the atheist/unbeliever. Such as they are now, once were we. Pray! Use the whole armor of God spoken of in Ephesians 6 and use the most effective offensive/defensive weapons of warfare: The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and PRAYER!

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