If there is the slightest possibility of God existing and that He has sent His only begotten Son Jesus to be your savior from your transgressions, wouldn’t it be wise to investigate it for yourself?
If you had evidence beyond doubt that God exists as described in the Holy Bible and that He loves you and wants you to be in Heaven with Him forever, would you want to be in Heaven with Him too?

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  1. Victor E. Pearson

    Wow, you really show your ignorance of both the Bible and Quran. Every Christian knows Allah is not any one of God’s names.
    Also, “belief” isn’t the same as “knowing” either.

  2. wargames83

    “Why do atheists like Penn Jillette who openly says and teaches his daughter that “God does not exist” use God’s name as profanity instead of using false gods names like, Allah, Buddha, Ra, Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, etc. as profanity?”
    First of all Allah is simply the word “God” in Arabic. A Christian speaking in Arabic would say “Allah” to refer to God. Secondly, its not rocket science. Penn Jillette is American, and saying “God” as swear word is part of the American vernacular. It has nothing to do with belief.

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