Who do you blame, God or Satan?

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So you are driving along and ‘pop’ a tire suddenly goes flat on your car and it is a new tire! Or, you are walking along and as you go under a huge oak tree, ‘splat’ goes bird droppings down the back of your neck. Or you have a nice comfortable chair where you’ve settled in to for a night of reading and the power goes off so now there is no light for you to read by.

These were some very minor things to have happen yet they could be worse. The tire suddenly going flat could have cause you to loose control of the car thus you crash into something which seriously injures you. The bird dropping could have been from a bird with bird flu giving it now to you. The power going off could have been caused by a sudden summer thunder storm with powerful lighting that hit the main power inlet at your home which in turn burns your home down.

Things like this and worse happen all the time to someone, somewhere, sometime. Things like this and worse happen to you and me too!

When something goes wrong in your life, where do you place the blame? For what goes wrong in your life, do you place the blame on God or do you place the blame on Satan?

Why would you blame God for something going wrong in your life? Think about it for a moment; why do you think God would cause something wrong to happen in your life?

Wait, you quickly comment; “What about Job and all the turmoil he went through? Didn’t Job loose his children, servants, livestock, herdsmen, and home and suffer physical painful sores? Did not also Job lose all his possessions, his children and health because God let it happen?” Well, yes God did allow these things to happen to Job however God did not actually do any of these things to Job, Satan did.

So you now add; “It is then Satan to whom I should blame for all that comes upon me in my life?” Or you state; “I blamed Satan all along for the curses that I’ve encountered in my life. There’s nothing new with this proclamation! All bad things come from Satan!”

Well, let’s look at things in my life that may help bring to light whom we should blame or not for the troubles that come upon us in our lives. During my life I have had numerous experiences to which we can discuss who owns the blame. We are only going to touch on a few of them in this article because to go in-depth would take way too long for me to type and for you to read.

Let’s start with when I was four years old and within a couple of months of being five. My daddy had two pennies which were of some value as they were collector quality and vintage. I had an empty piggy bank. Temptation got the better of me and so without asking or telling anyone, I took the pennies and put them into my bank.

Well, after some time and prior to anyone’s knowing that the pennies were not in their proper place, I managed to get the pennies out of my piggy bank. Now before you go to thinking that I placed them back where they belonged, think again. It would have been just as easy for me to have placed them back where they had came from but that is not what I did. I took them out of my bank and put them into my younger sister’s bank.

Thinking back to that time as it was so very long ago, the only thing that I can remember is that I did not want to be caught with those pennies in my bank. Why I put them into my sister’s bank instead of putting them back into their proper place, I don’t remember other than my not wanting them to be found in my piggy bank.

I do not remember how long of a time it was that passed before my daddy missed the pennies from his collection however I do remember clearly the events that occurred during the time it was discovered and he and my mom confronted my sister and me about it. When asked about if I knew where the pennies were, I lied.

This was the first time that I remember ever lying and I lied so well, well so I thought. As with all of the best crafted lies, the time comes when actual truth comes out. When the actual truth comes out, the lies told fall apart.

You see, in my crafty lie I had overlooked a few things which gave way for the truth to surface. In my telling my parents that it was not me who had taken the pennies, I gave too much information away with a timeline that pointed to me who had taken the pennies instead of my sister taking them.

Let’s evaluate who’s to blame for the punishment that I received for my taking the pennies which did not belong to me AND for the lies I told about my not taking the pennies and that it was my sister who did. Was it God or was it Satan who was to blame for my taking the pennies, my lies to deny my taking the pennies and my placing blame on my sister?

It was neither God nor Satan to blame for my actions. I took the pennies because I made a choice to take them and put them in my piggy bank. I made a choice to take them out of my bank and place them into my sister’s cat bank. I also made the choice to lie to my parents about me not taking the pennies from where they belonged and that it was my sister who did take them.

You see, the choices we make give reason for us to be responsible for them. Placing blame on anyone other than yourself for the choices you make is just wrong and is a form of lying and denying your responsibility for your actions.

Yes, Satan may bring temptations into your life if God allows him to do so. If however, you decide to fall to that temptation you have no one to blame but yourself for your choice. Not God nor Satan is to blame for any choice you make for yourself. And seeing that only you can make a choice for yourself, only you are to blame for where you are in life and the circumstances of your life through the choices you made and will make.

Job did not blame God for anything that happened to him nor should you blame God;

Job 1:22 – Through all this Job did not sin nor did he blame God.

All that Satan can do is put forth temptations in front of you and God does not allow Satan to tempt anyone beyond what you are able to say no to and God always provides a way out for you;

1 Corinthians 10:13 – No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.

So take responsibility for yourself and don’t say that the devil made you do it nor that God is to blame for the difficulties in your life. In all likelihood, the reason you are having troubles is due to the choices you have made. Think through the choices you have made and ponder the idea of taking personal responsibility for yourself.

“Wait a minute!” you now say; “How about above with the tire going flat, the bird droppings and the power outage? What choice did anyone have in a
ny of them?”

Well, the new tire going flat could have been a number of things including the choice you made to not get a safer tire and going for one which was cheaper and not of good quality; or it could have been that you were driving over the tire’s rated limit, or a number of other reasons from which your choice made it happen. The path you choose to take lead you under the tree with the birds. The power going out could have been due to you choosing to not pay the electric bill either through neglect or poor accounting.

The pain and suffering you have currently may also be through the choices you made or could have came from the choices your parents or grandparents or further back in your family tree made. Choices we make, make a difference for not only us but for those around us.

So the next time you are about to blame either God or Satan for your troubles, remember that you have more to do with where you are then they do because the choices you make put you where you are.

If you have not accepted Jesus as your savior, please make a wise choice and do so today. If you cannot make the choice to take Jesus as your savior today, use the resources at Finding Truth Today to help you learn more so that you can make your choice with full knowledge and understanding of the love that Jesus Christ has for you.

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