How can I know God’s plan for my life?

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Tomiwa in email from the United Kingdom asked me, “How can I know the plan of God for my life?”

This is a question many people think of yet per apathy often don’t follow through on finding out the answer. I’m glad that Tomiwa asked.

Our Lord surely intends us to have, and readily to recognize, His voice speaking in our hearts as occasion demands. I believe that He has made ample provision for this in order to fulfill His mission as the Good Shepherd, which is to bring us life and life more abundantly. The abundance of life comes in following Him, and “the sheep follow him; for they know His voice” (John 10:4)

God’s voice is written within the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament. By reading the Bible, you and I can learn from God what His plan is for us. The person who honestly desires God’s guidance for its own sake and the glory of God, and who, as a part of his total plan for living in harmony with God, adopts the gen­eral counsels of Scripture as the framework within which he or she is to know His daily graces — that person will most assuredly receive God’s specific conscious guidance to him or her.

So to know God’s plan for your life, read and study the Bible on your own and within Bible study groups. The Scripture within the Bible is God’s voice to us which God reveals to us knowledge about Him and His will.

First and foremost, the Bible is essential for knowing God and His will for our lives. The book of Romans tells us there are certain things we can know about God from general revelation. Without Scripture people can know about God’s power and divine nature by examining creation (Romans 1:20). They also know God’s law because it is written on their hearts (Romans 2:14–15).

The message of eternal salvation is a vital and dominant theme in Scripture, but the Bible reveals much more—including how God would have us live. Through the recorded examples of biblical figures we can learn what pleases God and what does not. His Word also gives direct instruction to believers on how we should act in every circumstance.

God’s inspired and inerrant Word was given for many reasons: to teach us, rebuke us, correct us, and instruct us in righteousness; it was also given so that we may be complete and equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16–17). By reading the Bible on a consistent basis, you can find direction for your life and learn how to best serve the Lord who gave His life for you.

Making God’s Word your authority in every area is vital for defending against the many spiritual attacks facing Christians. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15).

I suggest that you to read the whole Bible if you never have before. If you have already read through the Bible, then I urge you to consider studying Scripture in more detail, concentrating on one passage per day. Continue thinking about that passage throughout the day and try to think of ways to apply what you have learned from the overall teachings of the Bible.

Also, spend time in prayer. Thank God for giving you eternal life and His Word. Ask Him to teach and guide you so that you will become even more faithful in following Him. Thank God for His mercy and grace which He’s given abundantly to you and to me.

Commit to read and study God’s Word regularly in order to better know God, His Son, and His will and you shall find and know God’s plan for your life and will know God better and have a more personal relationship with Him.

If you’ve not repented of your sins and accepted Christ Jesus as your Savior, why not do so today? Knowing God loves you and wants you to be forever in Heaven with Him, would you love Him and want to be forever in Heaven with Him?

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