At times I doubt yet Absolute Truth is always Absolute Truth

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Atheists often accuse me of never considering that I am wrong in my belief that Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son who was born a virgin, lived a sinless life, suffered and died on a cross for my (and your) sins, and then rose from death so that I too will rise from death to be with God in heaven when I accept Christ Jesus as my savior. Atheists tell me that they have the impression that I merely “assume” that I am right, and that I have, “THE TRUTH.” This leads to many atheists calling me arrogant and holding that in respect of the core elements of my belief system, that I am right, everyone else is wrong, and nothing will change my mind. These atheists in time then come to ask me, “the key question” which is: “Are you willing to admit that you might be wrong, that there is a possibility that God may not exist and that the Bible is just a book written by man and uninspired?” The atheists asking me this “key question” state that they used to be “Christian” and most often they say that they were a “fundamentalist Christian” or as they say it, “a fundy.”

These atheists or “former fundy Christians” as they call themselves make the assertion that I and other true followers of Christ Jesus must never doubt because if we do, we would become as they are a “former fundy” because as they say, “Doubt is seen as the enemy and so a thick wall of delusions is built in their minds based on unsupported “facts” (lots and lots and lots of them), half-truths, and the like in order to defend the position.” They also state that we true followers of Christ Jesus must never question, “THE TRUTH” because if we ever “sit down and consider the things atheists discuss” we would become a “former fundy.”

These atheists are incorrect in that once absolute truth is found that it cannot be questioned but because it is ‘absolute truth’ each time you honestly seek to discover absolute truth, you come back to the same ‘absolute truth’ because it is the ‘absolute truth.’

You see, absolute truth does not ever change over time into something different. Absolute truth is always and has always been and will always be absolute truth the same as it was, is, and will always be. Absolute truth is absolute truth for everyone. Absolute truth is always absolute truth for everyone.

In fact, these “former fundy” atheists many of whom state that they were educated in private Christian schools don’t seem to realize that as a follower of Christ Jesus, we are instructed within the Holy Bible to test our faith. 2 Corinthians 13:5 – “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you–unless indeed you fail the test?” I myself take this passage (in fact the whole Bible) quite seriously and have read about and studied the religion of atheism as well as Hinduism, Islamism, and many other beliefs to test my faith in Christ Jesus. I have also attended various services of a number of beliefs to get firsthand experience of them during my testing of my faith in Jesus Christ. It seems to me that these “former fundy” atheists failed in their class study and in their faith test yet as stated in 2 Corinthians 13:6, “But I trust that you will realize that [I] do not fail the test.”

There are times when I do question my understanding and during those times I again seek the absolute truth. Each day and every day I review new information on all sides; atheist beliefs, religions and otherwise including following Jesus Christ and absolute truth always leads me back to Christ Jesus. Yes, at times I have considered that I might be wrong as I am not perfect thus I research more to find the absolute truth. For those times that I have doubts I go back over my personal encounters with Christ Jesus and find comfort in His eternal love for me. I look at the wondrous universe and see the design which goes from way out there too deep within me and all living things including the nonliving things.

I remember the complexity of and the vastness of all creation including the extreme complexity of the tiniest of all living things known to mankind and at the extremely fine tuning of the universe to support our life and am amazed and understand that it and life is not mere chance. I understand that there would be no understanding if life had only just randomly occurred. At this point I feel the glorious love of God within me giving me hope for a future of prosperity and not desperation. It is truly astonishing that even in my most desperate moments that I am reminded by the Holy Spirit which resides within me, of the love of Christ Jesus who sacrificed Himself for me. What a wonderful and spirit lifting feeling it is that I am who I am because of God’s love for me and for God and I to have a personal relationship of trust and pure love forever.

So my answer to “the key question” that these “former fundy” atheists ask me is, “No. I am not willing to admit that I might be wrong because I am right. I know that I am right in placing my faith in Christ Jesus and that He exists. I see and know the evidence of Christ Jesus existence and feel His love for me. I continually do an honest search for absolute truth and because absolute truth is absolute truth at all times, I keep finding the absolute truth. I am right that God exists and the Bible is inspired by God. Christ Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. Jesus Christ I know lived a sinless life yet suffered and died on a cross for my sins. Christ Jesus rose from the dead so that I do not have to die. I have faith in God’s promise to me that Christ Jesus is my savior and I accept Him as my savior.”

Another question I get from atheists is, “You reject other beliefs, why not reject Christianity?” I reject other beliefs because I did the honest and true actual deep down heart searched from my soul to find the absolute truth because I wanted to know the absolute truth. I also dedicated myself to follow wherever the absolute truth leads me. The absolute truth is I found God as has millions of other people who have done the same thing I did and the absolute truth lead me and millions of other people to Christ Jesus. If you or anyone else wants to know the absolute truth, you must also do an honest and true actual deep down heart search from your soul to find absolute truth because you want to know the absolute truth. If you do not seek to know the absolute truth, you will never know the absolute truth and you will live without hope.

Yes, I have found absolute truth so why would I give it up? Why would anyone finding absolute truth give it up for lies? Choosing to believe in lies is not a wise thing to do. Giving up absolute truth for lies is not a wise thing to do. If anyone has found absolute truth, they will not give it up because absolute truth is Christ Jesus. Anything other than Christ Jesus is a lie. If you have had an actual personal relationship with Christ Jesus as I and millions of other people do, you could never honestly say that you are an atheist because you would be lying not only to yourself but also to others due to the intimate knowledge a true follower of Christ Jesus gets of the existence of Jesus Christ. Once you accept the absolute truth, you do not give it up no matter what. You may at times question your understanding of absolute truth because we being human are not perfect yet a pure honest seeking of absolute truth will again return you to the absolute truth you question.

My objective in this and my other articles is not for me to change your mind. Only you have control over your mind. No one other than you has control over your mind and what goes into your mind. Also, only you make choices for yourself not me or anyone else makes your choices for you. My objective with my articles is to question your quest for and acceptance of absolute truth. A pure honest look into the absolute truth demands that you seek out the absolute truth with all of your heart and mind. Using your brain to sort through all of the garbage that surrounds you to find the absolute truth is tough. Yet to find the truth you must be open minded without any bias to what you will (want to or not want to) find or to where the absolute truth will take you.

Have you honestly and truly actually deep down in your heart searched your soul to find the absolute truth? If not, why do you have such apathy against knowing the absolute truth? If you are honestly and truly done a deep down searching with all your heart and soul to find the truth, where are you in your search now?

To fully understand what it means to know absolute truth, you must experience it for yourself. If and only if you want to know the absolute truth with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your soul will you find absolute truth. Your choice to seek the absolute truth is a free choice. And all honest seekers of absolute truth find absolute truth. It is your choice of what you want to do and if you choose to seek and accept or not absolute truth.

A scoffer seeks wisdom and finds none, But knowledge is easy to one who has understanding. – Proverbs 14:6

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  1. Wow great post I was once a “former fundy atheist”. I became a Christian though it took nearly 4 years of researching. It started with me questioning the claims of evolution then once I found evolution was false and believed God must have created things. I became a Christian after the study of many religions Christianity was and is the only one grounded in evidence and history. Next time atheists pull the fundy christian card remind them that some atheists that question evolution find the “TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST”.
    Thanks and great post

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